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u pulled out a picture which means u got black*star O____O {im soooooooooooo sorry for u}
as u pulled out a picture u see the worst person u ever wanted to stand up..... black*star. "YAHHHOOOOOO." he yelled as u looked over at me. "hes the new spokes person for yahoo." i said as we laughed. "hey whats so funny?" "oh nothing have fun kazumi." i said with an evil laugh as i pushed u into the closet and smalled the door shut. "black*star u here?" "yeah im here." "good." "good, does that mean u kindof like me?" "what the hell i never said that." "oh well im sorry." he said sounding a little sad. "ummm black*star are u alright?" "what .... yeah ill be fine." "whats wrong? u can tell me?" "well theres this girl i like but ...." "but what?" "but she doesnt like me... what do i do?" "well if i were u i would tell her or kiss her then tell her." "oh ok." he said.
soon it want silent. u heared something moving. then u knew what happend. black*star was kissing u. u pushed him off. "what are u doing black*star?" "well im telling the girl i like how i feel." he said as u blushed a little. thought u hated him he was kindof cute and sweet when u and him were alone plus he makes u laugh. "well i guess that u got the girl." u said kissing him. he kissed back as soon as ur lips touched his. its soon into a heated makeout. that when i opened door and almost puked at the site. "hey guys i think kazumi and black*star hit it off." "what makes u think that rae?" "cause their making out." "WHAT!!!!" everyone yelled and ran over. "woah black*star." said soul with a smirk on his face. all and all the night was good.
hope u like it o.o
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May 1, 2012
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